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Why eLang-TV is the best way to improve English?

Learning English is outdated. Firstly, the problem is in memorizing variety of words and phrases - you know only translations, no examples or context. Secondly, people are prone to losing focus due to monotony or lack of interactivity.

We have found a better way to improve English skills and implemented it in the eLang app. Our approach is based on two keystone ideas: language learning must be fun and immersive and develop context-dependent memory.

Firstly, fun and immersion is reached by the various video content: music, movies, blogs, cartoons, series, and more. The total base counts 40,000 videos with subtitles. For your convenience, they are all divided into 9 categories.

Secondly, eLang uses a method of context-dependent memory, a recall of information with the help of context (memory target). Here’s how it works. You watch as many videos with subtitles as you wish and translate unknown words. You add them to your personal vocabulary. Then, you play word games with your saved examples. During the game you can listen to the expression and recall the word.

Altogether, eLang creates a unique effortless English learning. We brought together the power of various content, language translator, and educational games. Try the new method yourself!

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